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Insurance Claims

We Can Help You With Roofing Insurance Claims

1st Choice Roofing can help you with your roofing insurance claim. Our seasoned staff understands that no two buildings are alike, no two storms are alike and no two insurance claims are alike. Storm damage can be roof related, building envelops related and interior related. Often there is a combination of damage that you may not notice unless you know exactly what you’re looking for when performing an inspection. If you bring out a roofing contractor, most likely they are looking at the roof and not your wall system, windows and related building accessories. They are only concerned with the roof. Bring out a window/door contractor and they are not looking at the roof, but only the windows and doors.

1st Choice’s experienced staff understands what the insurance carriers will cover under a claim on the entire building and also exactly what you’re entitled to in accordance with your policy coverage. We can advise you on the do’s and don’ts when dealing with the insurance carrier. Our goal is to insure your building is put back to the same condition it was before the storm or better. It is not uncommon for adjusters to miss items or only review items brought to their attention when visiting your building(s). We often find that many items such as window glazings, fence damage, siding damage, HVAC/mechanical unit damage and other items are regularly missed and usually require a 2nd visit from the adjuster to add to the original claim or supplement the original claim. By having 1st Choice involved from the initial call, we can insure the process is streamlined and all items are covered under the insurance scope. It is not uncommon for us to see up to 30-40% increases in claims when we’re involved from the initial call. Our clients have come to rely on 1st Choice to insure their assets are covered during severe weather events such as tornadoes, hail, microbursts, hurricanes, fires, and ice & snow storms.

Upon initial call to our office, you’ll be assigned an account representative. This will be your one source of contact through the entire process. They will sit with you and review the issues at hand, conduct a thorough evaluation of the damage, prepare an estimate with insurance industry software, coordinate the visit with the insurance adjuster, meet the adjuster onsite and discuss the damage assessment and insure all monies due are included in the claim settlement. Upon completion of the claim settlement, your representative will coordinate the scheduling of your project and insure all aspects of the project are covered with our operations personnel prior to commencement. Upon completion of the project, you’ll receive all proper documentation for submittal to your insurance carrier to insure your newly repaired assets are documented and protected.