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Better Serving Our Clients With Green Building And Roofing Products

1st Choice Roofing has an alliance with Uniflex Industrial Coatings (Sherwin Williams). Our staff has been trained by the professionals at Uniflex to better serve our clients and aid our clients in turning their properties green. Uniflex leads the industry in their industrial coating products. Offering a variety of quality products that are time tested and designed to last. Products offered are:

  • Aluminum Roof Coatings
  • Asphalt Emulsion Roof Coatings
  • Elastomeric Roof Coatings
  • Primers & Basecoats
  • Patch & Repair Products
  • Specialty Roof Coatings
  • Shingle roofs: Learn more at GAF
  • Metal Roofs: Learn More at Berridge
  • TPO roofs: Learn More at GenFlex Learn more at Versico

Many property owners are not aware that many maintenance and coatings systems can often offer energy rebates from local utilities or through state energy incentives that offset the cost of the maintenance or coating system. In some areas, rebates of up to .50 cents per square foot are available to help in offsetting installation costs. Additionally, if the owner goes with a reflective coating they will achieve lower energy bills and better protect the roof system from damaging UV rays and the elements. When doing a complete roof replacement, the building owner is typically depreciating the cost of the roof over a period of approximately 39 years. With maintenance and coating systems, the building owner can apply the total cost to this year’s business taxes offsetting expenses for the year. Maintenance and coating systems also insure that roofs are not replaced prematurely preventing debris from going into the local landfill and creating a better green environment. 1st Choice also offers coating and paint systems by most major manufacturers. CERTIFIED APPLICATORS: Click the logos below to view their products • GAF Shingles • Genflex Roofing Systems • Uniflex Coatings • Owens Corning • Versico Roofing Systems

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Case Study: Study by Rohm and Hass Rhoplex EC

After one year of continuous monitoring the Rohm and Haas Rhoplex EC elastomeric acrylic- coated building had 21 9% lower energy consumption in the summer than the control building. The white coating also reduced the energy demand by 3.99% in the winter.

The financial payback period of 2.07 years and a return on investment of 48.3%. One additional benefit for coating is the flexibility of application as the coating can be applied at any time during the life of the building.

Case Study: Study by The Roof Consultants Instititue

Reflective roof coatings maintain approximately 75% of their initial solar reflectance on all major roof substrates, through a wide geographic sampling, and over an extended period. Aged white coating solar reflectance values of 0.60 compared to black roof surfaces with solar reflectance of 0.10 contribute to a temperature differential of 50°F or more.

There is a relationship between thermal comfort and worker satisfaction, performance, and productivity. In many production and distribution facilities and potentially in office areas, one can correlate thermal comfort to a cool reflective roof. Cool roofing, and specifically, reflective roof coatings, contributes to advanced energy performance of buildings and to the broader sustainable building goals the roofing industry needs to embrace.

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