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Roofing Services

Central Texas Roofing Services (New Construction)

1st Choice’s experience in new construction provides building owners with a quality and leak free roof system to protect their investments. Our experience and reputation working with Architects, Engineers and General Contractors is a skill set that we have truly earned over the years.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is the latest explosion on the roofing scene. While metal roofs have been around for decades, the popularity and the understanding of their benefits has increased dramatically in recent years. Longevity,energy efficiency, looks, and insurance discounts are some of the benefits! 1ST Choice Roofing is on the leading edge of the metal roofing market. We have the ability to custom roll metal roof panels on location, eliminating the problems of a mistake in a material takeoff or having to wait days for the last piece to finish the roof.

1ST Choice Roofing only uses the top grade materials sold in the USA. We have custom machines that can produce multiple profiles in many different colors. Our installers, install hundreds of metal roofs a year.
Standing seam metal roofs, with minimal exposed fasteners, can be put on at a competetive price when one figures in the durability,efficiency, and longevity.

If you are considering replacing your roof, you owe it to yourself to get a quote from 1ST Choice Roofing and Construction on a custom metal roof.

Roof Maintenance Program

We offer a roof maintenance program that is annually renewed, so that our customers can focus on what really matters to them. Here’s what you can count on as a part of 1st Choice Roofing’s Roof Maintenance Program:

Roof Inspection:
We will thoroughly inspect your roof’s current condition and at the end of the inspection we will list all findings on our Roof Inspection Report that you will keep a copy of for your records. This will advise you as to your roof’s current condition and any and all repairs we recommend making outside of the scope of what’s included in our maintenance program.

Repair Recommendations:
Upon initial inspection we will make any recommendations for repairs to ensure your roof is functioning properly and allow us to maintain it effectively.

Replacement Budget:
We will also estimate the remaining life of your roof so that you may budget years in advance for the replacement of your roof. Your roof protects everything that you value inside your dwelling so we understand the importance of using quality products and craftsmanship to ensure you’re protecting your assets.

Inspection Schedule:
1st Choice will inspect your roof annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. We will sit down with you and decide together what the best course of action for your roof is. After every inspection you will receive a detailed Inspection Report advising you of your roofs current condition.

Maintaining Manufacturer’s Warranty:
Many quality roofing material manufacturers require at least a semi-annual inspection to honor their warranties. These manufacturer’s require proof of semi-annual maintenance. 1st Choice Roofing’s Inspection Report serves as proof of maintenance.


Understanding the issues with existing roofing systems is a challenge 1st Choice has excelled at for our clients. By providing a value engineered approach, we’re often able to provide clients with cost saving alternatives to save on their capital expenditures.

Roof Repairs/Leak Response

The ever-changing and diverse climate of Texas and the surrounding states often prematurely deteriorates an exterior building envelope system. Reduced life expectancies are common with extreme variations of temperature and precipitation. Understanding what products can aid in extending the life expectancy of your building envelope offers an opportunity to save thousands of dollars on your investments. At 1st Choice, no job is too big or too small. Our goal is to service our clients to the best of our abilities.


Whether its wood, metal, vinyl or synthetic, 1st Choice offers a variety of siding for our clients to insure their properties remain watertight and provide the aesthetic look that adds true value to their assets.


Technologies in the painting industry have changed rapidly over the years. Products with “Nano” technologies reducing labor expenses and offering extended life expectancies are just one of these changes. 1st Choice maintains an excellent relationship with our manufacturer’s to insure our clients receive the best possible solutions and products for their capital expenditure dollars.
the old concrete since complete removal becomes unnecessary and insures the old concrete doesn’t clog our landfills creating a greener environment.

Gutters and Downspouts

Providing new gutter systems from 4″ up to commercial box style gutters, we insure your building’s gutter system is not prematurely deteriorating the other exterior building components such as siding, windows. doors or foundations.

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